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Our work is regularly featured in leading business press and online sites.
Here are some of the publications and features the Monkey Puzzle Team have contributed to. If you would like Karen or John to comment on a feature you are working on or write an article for your publication please contact us.

If you have never considered actually planning your career, now is the time to start...
"You don’t have to have the next 30 years all mapped out. But those with some clear career outcomes, preparation and planning are quicker to recognise and respond to opportunities."
Read the full article:


In this article Karen takes you through Virginia Satir's theory along with some of our experience applying it so that you can also use this model, to support your clients (and even yourself) through the change process.
"She taught a wealth of knowledge and material which may not have been directly modelled when NLP was
created and is complementary to it."
Read the full article: RAPPORT - September / October 2013


Ever wondered why some people breeze through life while others stagger from
crisis to disaster? 

"This article talks about success in different aspect of your life including love, family and career "  Karen contributes to the career section.

Read the full article: The Sunday Express - How to Succeed


Entrepreneurs with disabilities are finding freedom working from home despite the lack of a safety net which full-time employment provides

"There aren't many people who are truly happy on their own for very long periods of time. This is not specific to people with disabilities."

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Karen and John write about the importance of Rapport and Sensory Acuity in Rapport Magazine ..
"We make meaning of everything we see, hear, feel, taste and smell. Sensory acuity is the ability to become
aware of another person’s unconscious responses"

Read the full article: Rapport - Spring 2011


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