NLP Applications & Research

NLP Applications & Research

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Brain areas altered during hypnotic trances identified. Sarah C.P. Williams. Stanford University Medical Center. July 28, 2016

The Effectiveness of NLP: Interrupted Time Series Analysis of Single Subject - Data for One Session of NLP Coaching. Jaap Hollander, Oliver Malinowski (2016).

Download the PDF article

Neurolinguistic programming used to reduce the need for anaesthesia in claustrophobic patients undergoing MRI. The British Journal of Radiology, 83 (2010).

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What’s the science behind hypnosis? Read about it in this article in the Huffington Post

An investigation into how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be added to Positive Psychology as a source of interventions to increase self-esteem and subjective well-being in psychologically healthy populations. Dissertation by Melody Cheal

About Gregory Bateson article by John Brockton

The NLP Research and Recognition Projects work on PTSD with veterans!short-video-testimonials/cahv

A New Theory Suggests All Conscious Thoughts And Decisions Are Actually Made By Your Unconscious - study published in Behavioural and Brain Sciences

Summary of NLP Research by Steve Andreas, with links to other related research papers

NLP Wiki has put together NLP Research Document with references to relevant studies

A critical review of NLP as an effective treatment for individuals with depression and anxiety; Lisa Wake.

NLP and PTSD; Richard Gray.

Impact of using NLP in Education 2010; CfBT.

Eliciting Metaphor through Clean Language: An Innovation in Qualitative Research; P Tosey, J Lawley and R Meese.;jsessionid=384885210801F31B5C12888BA9A43134.f03t03

Exploring Inner Landscapes: NLP and Psycho-phenomenology as innovations in researching first-person experience; J Mathison and P Tosey 2010.

Using NLP in Sport Psychology; Meisam Savardelvar and Amir Hooshang Bagheri.

UK ANLP NLP Research Journal.
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