Are we a good fit for you?

Our clients believe in developing exceptional people to share their journey. They might be realising a life changing project or taking the whole organisation towards a new goal. To build better, they know they need to achieve better.

They have a very clear vision of where they want to go - and how they want to innovate. As leaders, they need to find the time to lead - and as teams, to align with purpose and direction.

They recognise the challenges that lie ahead. They know that, as much as they might want to change the world - the world can’t change by itself. That’s because ultimately, behind every visionary, and every purposeful organisation - is a powerful team.

Our clients are passionate about the potential they offer. That’s why we are passionate about helping them bring about positive and impactful change.

Are we a good fit for you?

The Monkey Puzzle team has an amazing ability to use leading edge theories and models in a totally practical way. We actually got things done as an SLT whilst focusing on our leadership development at the same time.

Colin Kennedy, CEO ICS Learn

What we love is that they are totally flexible, and can elegantly go with whatever tangent we throw at them rather than stick doggedly to a plan. They always get us a great result and everyone comes away challenged, motivated and inspired.

James Nicholls, Managing Partner, SGP Architects + Masterplanners

Monkey Puzzle are exceptional facilitators with a massive amount of business and management experience and are absolute experts in their field. Their ability to gain the respect of a diverse group of people and bring the best out of each of them over a short time frame is quite remarkable.

Richard Harrison, The Sales Transformation Partnership

People we've worked with

North Lanarkshire Council
Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Aberdeen Asset Management
Jamie Oliver
Stephen George & Partners
Scottish Widows
Eden Tree
ICS Learn
Monmouthshire County Council
National Health Service
Thomson Reuters
Heathrow Airport
Barnet Waddingham
Freeways Trust
John Lewis
Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Russell & Aitkin

Leading and delivering a culture of Continuous Improvement takes time and an infinite number of interactions with everyone involved. Cultural improvement is all about the people, it was this that encouraged my team and I to complete the Mind Mastery Practitioner course with Monkey Puzzle back in 2015. It was fantastic, enlightening and truly experiential. The learnings are totally applicable to all aspects of both work and personal life. This culminates in a real ability to understand both yourself and the behaviours of those you interact with. They have an amazing wealth of applicable knowledge and their delivery style is engaging and conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Karen and John and the team are excellent coaches with a fantastic ability to be both nurturing and stretching. A huge thank you.

Kevin Rendle, Process Excellence and Change Director at Heathrow Airport

We asked Monkey Puzzle to create three bespoke workshops for two of our sales teams to help them to take their communication skills to the next level. Their programme met the brief we gave them, and most importantly, allowed our teams to put this learning into practice in an authentic way that they feel comfortable using. We are confident Monkey Puzzle’s support and training will bring about the change we want to achieve.

Jean-Paul Grenade, Head of Investment Specialist Sales, Aviva

After learning Time Mastery with Karen, our Partners came away with productivity protocols we could implement in the Practice straightaway. This makes us both productive and consistent as a senior team whilst still leaving space for our individual styles and ways of working. Really important for us as a growing business.

Janet Lewis, Partner, JTP Architects, London

When our teams had to adjust, almost overnight, from a busy studio environment to remote working, we really needed help and advice. We wanted our people managers to be able to successfully manage remote teams while keeping everyone motivated (including the managers themselves!), connected, and feeling well. We also wanted to be supportive but needed to track and monitor work too. Monkey Puzzle delivered online team workshops which helped us rethink how we could adapt to the new way of working, so we could do everything we could to get the best from our people without increasing workloads. These were delivered in such a way that everyone felt comfortable to take part in discussions, share concerns, and come up with ideas together as a team. Monkey Puzzle's support has been extremely helpful, setting us up to explore improved ways of working, not just for now but also for the future.

Paulene Hamilton, Head of People and Talent. Blue Zoo Animation Studio

Client Success Stories

Stephen George + Partners Logo
Stephen George + Partners is one of the UK’s leading architectural practices and having gone through a phase of growth and diversification, realised the requirement to invest in the development of their senior leadership team as they took on more and more responsibility.

We have a lot of really good people, and really good architects but our business and leadership skills were underdeveloped and we knew we had to address that if we were to retain and support our values, culture and quality of service. I had attended some of Monkey Puzzle’s programmes before and thought their ability to tailor to the needs of the audience would be great for us, plus when it comes to psychology and innovative businesses, they really know what they’re talking about.

Nick Austin, Practice Director
In 2015 we started by designing a series of business development workshops to get senior and client facing people thinking about how to develop their business skills, whilst keeping their authenticity and integrity. This developed into a series of leadership development sessions with Partners and Directors where they worked through bonding as a group, making quicker and more confident decisions and developing a client focused culture that was sustainable and practical. Today SGP hold quarterly strategy events with us which fulfils three requirements: to keep their leadership development skills fresh and topped up, to work through any complex or thorny issues that need resolving and to review progress and plan.

The Monkey Puzzle team are more like friends and partners than suppliers and we feel confident bringing them in for any people development related issues. They are experts at creating win win situations where everyone is treated with dignity. In the group sessions they run, what we love is that they are totally flexible, and can elegantly go with whatever tangent we throw at them rather than stick doggedly to a plan. They always get us a great result and everyone comes away challenged, motivated and inspired because they have the clarity and confidence to know what they need to do and how to do it.

James Nicholls, Managing Partner
ICS Learn logo

ICS Learn, the UK’s most recommended online learning provider *, asked us to deliver a Collaborative Leadership Programme for their senior leadership team (SLT).

Whilst the SLT had been working well, it needed to be able to work together more coherently and at a different level of intensity and professionalism to meet the additional requirements of their new PE investors. The CEO Colin Kennedy wanted a learning experience that was practical so that a busy SLT could implement actions straight away after each session. We used our flagship programme as a base for the design but tailored it to Colin’s requirements, by providing more condensed sessions and a looser strategy workshop format rather than a traditional training one. Over 6 months of half-day monthly group sessions, interspersed with one-to-one coaching for each SLT member, John and Lara drew on the programme material as it was applicable to the real day-to-day challenges the team was facing in the business, whilst maintaining a learning focus.

I knew I needed someone who I could trust and having worked with Monkey Puzzle previously at Thomson Reuters and other organisations, they were my immediate choice. The Monkey Puzzle team has an amazing ability to use leading edge theories and models in a totally practical way. We actually got things done as an SLT whilst focusing on our leadership development at the same time.

Colin Kennedy, CEO ICS Learn
As a result of the programme the SLT felt more confident about dealing with complex team challenges, developed an improved understanding of each other and their teams’ behaviours and were able to work through issues and opportunities together more effectively and productively. The SLT’s growth and development was also recognised and commented on by the new investors in the increased coherence, confidence and quality of their interactions.

I have used Monkey Puzzle for over 12 years at 4 different companies. Their business mentoring skills and techniques allow them to adapt to all different types of audiences so that each individual learns more about him/herself and ensures that those within the group understand their peers far better, allowing teams to be more productive, more successful and have more fun. On both a personal and business level, I have always enjoyed my time with John and the team and learn something new every time we get together.

Colin Kennedy
*ICS Learn has the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) against its competitors amongst learners. Source: Parthenon-EY HR Employer and Learner Survey 2017.

More Case Studies

I was looking for a company that met my high standards for training and a friend recommended Monkey Puzzle. Karen and John are brilliant at what they do and their skills, knowledge and personalities complement each other very well. They are client focused and will challenge and support you to be the best version of you. I learned an incredible amount and I am using what I learned daily for my own benefit and others. I can't recommend them highly enough.

S Gibson, Coach and Hypnotherapist (via Facebook review)

What you learn with Monkey Puzzle will change your life for the better. They teach with fun, enthusiasm and a style that will encourage you to extend your understanding of yourself and other people in a way that you may not have dreamed of previously. Whether for professional purposes or personal development you will be glad you trained with them.

F Hibberd, Director of Equine Partners (via Facebook review)
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