Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis

Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis

This course is taught by clinical hypnotherapist, NLP therapist and INLPTA master trainer, John McLachlan.

The course is over 2 days and no previous experience is required.

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Hypnosis is a fabulous energy giving, relaxation generating process that we can all do naturally. This is not the stage show, dancing like a chicken stuff so many of you may have seen. This is real hypnosis for real people to use everyday.

This training course is the perfect introduction for everyone who is interested in hypnosis and wants to enjoy more or those interesting in taking hypnotherapy training. Whether you have experienced some on a previous course or are just curious about it all, this course will provide you with the foundations of knowledge and practical experience, that you can use immediately.

On this course you will learn:

  • The history and background to hypnosis and it’s variations.
  • The benefits of hypnosis for you and others.
  • The ability to maintain your own resourceful states and act in different roles appropriate to the coachee, process, situation and context.
  • How to frame hypnosis with clients and conduct suggestibility tests.
  • How to deepen and bring others out of trance.
  • How to use guided imagery and relaxation inductions.
  • How to design hypnosis scripts for clients.
  • How to do self hypnosis.
  • What you can do with it in the real world.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is interested in hypnosis or hypnotherapy and wants to find out more. Coaches, Therapists and NLP Practitioners who wish to use hypnosis as part of their one to one work will also benefit.

It’s fun, experimental and most ultimately relaxing, enjoyable and rejuvenating.

This course is for everyone who wants to understand themselves and others better and begin to unlock their brilliance at the same time. You will leave this course aware of your own unique skills and qualities having begun to unwrap your hidden talents and the possibilities for the future.

Foundation Certificate in Hypnosis

What's Included with this Course:

  • Refreshments throughout the course, lunch is available at the venue or there are plenty of alternatives nearby.
  • A comprehensive course Manual.
  • A copy of each of John’s Hypnosis recordings; Time for Me and Time to Get Going, either as downloads or CDs.
  • All certification costs.

This video shows a willing and brilliantly skeptical volunteer being hypnotised to become as stiff as a board by John at one of our recent NLP courses. Whilst it is a bit of fun at one level, it is not done as part of a stage show to make John look good or make a fool of anyone.
The purpose behind it is to show the group, and those of you watching this now, the power of your unconscious mind. You may notice how John checks throughout to make sure the volunteer is OK with what is happening and ensuring they are safe and secure at all times.
Our unconscious mind has so much to offer and our aim in all that we do at Monkey Puzzle is to help you get in touch with all that power, to solve problems, achieve goals and live your life - it's not all about thinking harder and harder.
Enjoy the demonstration and thanks to our volunteer for being up for it.

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