NLP Coach Practitioner

INLPTA NLP Coach Practitioner

This course is taught by UKCP registered psychotherapist, coach and INLPTA NLP master trainer, Karen Meager.

This course is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association.
The course is over 4 days - NLP Practitioner Certification or above is required.

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INLPTA NLP Coach Practitioner

When: 29th Nov 2017 @ 9:00 am

Many coaches miss out on the opportunity to be as successful as they could be, become the best they can be and be as effective and supportive to their clients because they do not have in place the sound foundations of a successful practice.

This course focuses on running a safe and professional practice for one to one coaching work and is highly practical with a balance of learning, coaching practice and exercises to develop skills required to apply your NLP concepts and knowledge in a coaching environment.

On this course you will develop:

  • A structured approach to contracting, assessing, working with and ending relationships with clients.
  • An understanding the importance of information gathering and understanding the coachees’ model of the world and a sound method in eliciting it.
  • The ability to maintain your own resourceful states and act in different roles appropriate to the coachee, process, situation and context.
  • The ability to identify and utilise NLP Practitioner concepts, principles, processes and techniques in a 1-1 coaching setting.
  • Clear boundaries on the role of coaching versus other interventions like therapy.
  • A clear code of ethical practice.
  • An understanding and ability to identify potential mental health issues and what to do.
  • An understanding of the benefits of supervision.
  • Your confidence in marketing your services and running your business

This course enables you to develop an excellent base for your professional coaching practice.

This course is for:

  • NLP practitioners who want to use their NLP skills and knowledge in a 1-1 coaching environment.
  • NLP practitioners who want to run a successful, professional, safe and ethical practice as a coach.
  • Anyone who is considering setting up a professional practice and wants to find out more.
NLP Coach Practitioner

What's Included with this Course:

  • Refreshments throughout the course, lunch is available at the venue or there are plenty of alternatives nearby.
  • A call, Skype or Facetime with Karen between modules for support and again 4-6 weeks after the end of the course, for up to an hour to discuss progress since the course, outcomes and any questions that have arisen since the end of the course
  • A comprehensive course Manual.
  • All assessment and certification costs.
NLP Coach Practitioner Course Syllabus

There's more details in the NLP Coach Practitioner Course Syllabus

Download PDFDownload PDF

This course is for everyone who wants to understand themselves and others better and begin to unlock their brilliance at the same time. You will leave this course aware of your own unique skills and qualities having begun to unwrap your hidden talents and the possibilities for the future.

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