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Customer Stories

Andy Cohen-Wray

Andy Cohen-Wray
Founder of Athlete in Mind and AIM Retail, London

I was working at Heathrow Airport when Monkey Puzzle were brought in to deliver an NLP Practitioner for my team. I was a bit sceptical about it all but decided to give it a go and be open minded. I asked a LOT of questions. Some of it looked like magic but Karen & John explained the science behind it and then it made sense - and it felt doable and easy to pick up. After each module though I took away a few nuggets I could use at work and also at home. As my job was to co-ordinate a lot of people with different agendas and ideas, I tried out creative ways to negotiate and bring teams together which made work more enjoyable and a lot easier. I also understood at a deeper level how I operate and in particular connected with my dream to start a business coaching athletes.

I had been a keen hurdler for a while and was a regular at competitions, I really enjoyed my athletics but throughout the NLP programme it become clear to me that I could do this as a business. My wife was understandably concerned about me taking such a risk but she was fully supportive and we decided to take it step by step and the next year I took the NLP Master Practitioner with John & Karen just to focus on setting up my business, focus on it being success and working through any mental blocks I had, as well as learning approaches I could adapt to work with athletes.

Eighteen months on from Master Practitioner I am fully up and running (literally) with Athlete in Mind and I’ve set up a retail arm to the business too. I love my work, from coaching people for 10ks and marathons to the Rio Olympics and speaking at events - even sharing a stage with Mark Foster.

Jo Marshall

Jo Marshall
Equine Learning Facilitator, Littlehampton

I had heard of NLP and was interested in learning more because I work with families in difficulties using horses and there was a lot of synergy between what I knew in my own field and what I had heard about NLP. I also felt there was a gap in the depth of my understanding about human communication and the families we worked with also wanted to improve their communication with each other in a very practical way, and I though by learning NLP we could support them in this.

I completed the 4 day Diploma with Monkey Puzzle which gave me lots of practical and useful skills I could use in my work and also in my life because at the time I was also doing a ‘normal’ office job and just couldn’t see how I could bridge the gap to working with horses and families full time. The NLP Practitioner course was surprising because I found myself focusing mainly on my own style and communication - I realised how important I was in the work I was doing. I got rid of a lot of unhelpful beliefs about myself we all pick up through life. At Master Practitioner I focused on using NLP to design bespoke interventions for families, which was exciting and the group were so helpful, letting me test out my ideas and giving me feedback.

One of the exciting and most rewarding aspects of learning NLP with John and Karen was how deep the learning goes, as I’m now finding with a one year old. I know that 5 years ago I wouldn’t have been as relaxed about some of the challenges motherhood has thrown at me, but I haven’t really had to think about it, it’s felt really natural. At some point I will do Trainers Training as I want to be able to bring all the great tools and techniques to my families in a more structured way, maybe in a few years - one thing at a time.

Jayne Rolls

Jayne Rolls
HR Manager & Performer in the Bellini Girls, Bath

One of my colleagues at work had done some NLP Training with Monkey Puzzle and she loved it, she also made some really important changes to her life and how she worked that seemed so right for her, I decided to take the short NLP Diploma course to find out more.

Now a Master Practitioner my biggest take away from learning NLP is that it’s the small things that make a huge difference. At points I have thought I have to change my whole life because I was fed up or frustrated but by working with John & Karen I now slow down and take smaller steps. Putting down stronger boundaries and tackling problems early, rather than waiting until I’m really frustrated has been invaluable for me. I also find I just think a lot more clearly than I did before which means I make better decisions both for me and others. An unexpected benefit in learning NLP is how it’s helped me to support my children when they experience the natural trials every kid goes through.

I have also discovered just how creative I am and how I can let my creative side flourish outside work, like in my performing and creative arts, rather than hoping my job will provide creative opportunities - this had led to a lot more balance for sure! I now belong to a fab network of like minded NLP Practitioners in the South West who get together and practise every few months - more chances for being creative.

Phil Baker

Phil Baker
Head of Retail Distribution Investments, London

I first became aware of NLP through work. I was a few years out of University and keen to build my career. I was doing well but was concerned that my existing skills would not be good enough as I progressed up in the organisation. I felt I needed to develop my relationship building abilities and take my strategic thinking up a few notches. Sometimes I found it challenging to work with senior management and the pressure of a city job could get to me. Ultimately I wanted to have more flow through my day and more energy at the end of it.  A tall order for personal development I know!

One of my colleagues had been on Monkey Puzzle’s NLP Practitioner course and I noticed that every time she came back from a module she was doing things differently; she would be much more assertive in meetings, seemed more focused in her work and much happier. We got talking about the course and I wanted to learn more for myself. It was quite a commitment and an investment to take the Practitioner course, it took some time to decide to do it but that was over 8 years ago.

Since training in NLP, now up to Trainer level, I’ve adapted the material and techniques to find my own way and it not only set me up with the skills for the career path I have progressed along, I have also mastered myself in a way I didn’t think was possible, enabling me to make better decisions for myself and my family.

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