NLP Master Practitioner

INLPTA NLP Master Practitioner

This course is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association.
The course runs over 16 days - NLP Practitioner Certification is required.

What is NLP Master Practitioner Training?

At NLP Master Practitioner training, you take your understanding of NLP and your skill development to a deeper level.

Building on and developing further what you discovered at NLP Practitioner, you learn the thinking behind the models and techniques and how to integrate and refine your skills. This enables you to become more confident, skilled and flexible in your applications of NLP. This internationally recognised course is all about Mastery in the field of NLP which you will have the opportunity to apply to your own field of interest, whether it be business, coaching, personal growth or sport

NLP Master Practitioner

What's Included with this Course:

  • Refreshments throughout the course, lunch is available at the venue or there are plenty of alternatives nearby.
  • One to one support with Karen or John throughout the course.
  • A call, Skype or Facetime with one of us 6 weeks to 2 months after the end of the course, for up to an hour to discuss progress since the course, outcomes and any questions that have arisen since the end of the course.
  • Two current NLP books that we believe will assist you with your NLP Master Practitioner study.
  • A comprehensive course Manual.
  • All assessment and certification costs.

This NLP Master Practitioner course is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

Delegates who successfully complete this course will be entitled to membership of the ANLP and graduate membership of INLPTA.

This course also qualifies as the NLP Master Practitioner requirement necessary for joining the Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (NLPtCA) for those wishing to use NLP in a therapeutic setting.

On this course you will learn:

Advanced Linguistics

  • Use advanced language patterns to bring about change in yourself and others.
  • To master the use of quantum linguistics and sleight of mouth patterns
  • Mastery in using Meta and Milton model language in the context that interests you.


  • Understand values in the context of human development, social development and business.
  • Understand the developmental and social application of values and their evolution using the Graves levels of development.
  • Elicit and utilise values in change work.
  • Work with values conflicts in change work


  • Recognise and work with Metaprogrammes, our unconscious filters and drivers.
  • Know how to identity how we sort and order information, are motivated and communicate.
  • How to apply Metaprogrammes in the contexts of health, coaching, therapy, leadership, business consulting and recruitment.

Advanced NLP patterns

  • Conduct a personal breakthrough session.
  • Allergy cure.
  • Compulsion blowout.
  • Advanced strategies.
  • Understand prime concerns and how to work with them.
  • To use hypnosis in change work.
  • Self hypnosis.
  • New code NLP.

Mastery of NLP

  • Adapt the models and techniques to a variety of contexts.
  • Take your coaching skills to a higher level.
  • Model and coach excellence including completing your own modelling project in an area of interest for you.
  • Apply NLP to health and healing.
  • How to use NLP with other psychological models like transactional analysis.



NLP Master Practitioner

This course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn more and continue growing after their NLP Practitioner course.
  • Everyone who wants to master their NLP skills and knowledge.
  • Business leaders and managers who want to be able to create their own bespoke NLP solutions for their business.
  • Coaches and therapists who want to develop an in depth understanding of NLP in change work and be able to design tailored interventions for their clients.
  • Those working in the charity and public sector who want to be able to use NLP for long lasting change and growth.

Certification Requirements:

You must be certified at NLP Practitioner level to join this course.

Certificates are awarded to delegates who:

  • Complete the 16 day course.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and application of concepts, skills and behaviours taught throughout the course.
  • Complete the Master Practitioner INLPTA written integration of NLP content and theory.
  • Complete and submit a modelling project which will be completed throughout the course.
  • Participate and demonstrate Master Practitioner level skill and behaviour during the final integration module including conducting and participating in a breakthrough session.
NLP Practitioner Syllabus

There's more details in the NLP Master Practitioner Course Syllabus

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