NLP Masterclass 2017

NLP Masterclass 2017

The Work of Virginia Satir; How to utilise the intrapsychic model Led by Sharon Rooke

This is a 1 day course - NLP Practitioner Certification or above is required.

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For many Virginia Satir is the lost matriarch. One of the original models of excellence, Satir provided the techniques essential for creating change, developing relationship and living a more congruent life. So whilst she was instrumental in many of the key principles of NLP, there was more…so much more.

This NLP Masterclass offers the essence of Virginia with her powerful intrapsychic model, a valuable model for exploring the inner processes of our external experience. We will understand the neurobiology of significant emotional events with ways to release the impact and restore congruence and balance. Gaining deeper knowledge of the Satir stances will enable you to enter the intrapsychic model easily.

On this course you will:

  • Explore ways to enter the intrapsychic model.
  • An understanding the importance of information gathering and understanding the coachees’ model of the world and a sound method in eliciting it.
  • The ability to maintain your own resourceful states and act in different roles appropriate to the coachee, process, situation and context.
  • Understand why it’s so important to process significant events.
  • Identify the signals of unmet expectations.
  • Learn different approaches to restoring congruence.

Whilst everyone is welcome to attend this workshop, it is designed as an advanced masterclass for people who are trained to at least NLP Practitioner Level and so some knowledge of NLP will be assumed.

Sharon Rooke

Sharon Rooke, chair of NLPtCA, UKCP registered NLPt and Satir Psychotherapist and Supervisor, INLPTA NLP Trainer, IHS Hypnotherapist Trainer. Sharon trained with the Satir Institute in Canada. She is passionate about Helping People to Be the Best They Can Be. Following a successful corporate career in retail and pharmacy she founded Scr Associates offering personal and professional development.

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