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INLPTA NLP Trainers Training

With Karen Meager, John McLachlan and Wyatt Woodsmall PHD.

This course is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association.
The course runs over 19 days - NLP Master Practitioner Certification is required.

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INLPTA Trainers Training

Begins: 17th March 2018

What is Trainers Training?

Being a successful trainer, the best you can be and inspiring groups to learn and work together requires more than simply a knowledge of a topic.

Our NLP Trainers Training goes beyond simple skills training or other train the trainer programmes. This NLP Trainers Training course explores and explains how to command a room, how people learn and what it takes to be the best. Using the most advanced training techniques in the world you:

  • Transform your training skills beyond what you think is possible.
  • Design workshops and courses that are effortless, impactful and inspiring.
  • Deliver training that is a reflection of you.
Karen and John

What's Included with this Course:

  • Refreshments throughout the course, lunch is available at the venue or there are plenty of alter-natives nearby.
  • One to one support with Karen or John throughout the course.
  • A call, Skype or Facetime with one of us 6 weeks to 2 months after the end of the course, for up to an hour to discuss progress since the course, outcomes and any questions that have arisen since the end of the course.
  • A copy of Presenting Magically by David Shephard and Tad James.
  • A comprehensive course Manual.
  • All assessment and certification costs.

During this course, you will learn and develop yourself and your skills in the following areas:

Training and workshop design

  • Delegate pre-selection and contracting.
  • Gaining Insight into logical content delivery.
  • Content sequencing.
  • Making demonstrations work.
  • Exercise design.
  • Energetic connection with groups.
  • Facilitating group relaxation and trance sessions.

Your development as a trainer

  • Group management and facilitation.
  • Developing your coaching skills.
  • Pre-teaching and backtracking techniques.
  • Stage anchoring techniques.
  • Developing natural and effective platform skills.
  • Handling open frames effectively.
  • Delivering the highest quality feedback to support individual growth.
  • Handling audience questions for individual and group learning.
  • Delivering training to connect with your delegates Myers Briggs types and Gravesian world views.
  • Creating learning states for your delegates.
  • Unconsciously accessing delegates resources.

Personal Development

  • Developing your own unique training style as an NLP Trainer.
  • Managing your own state.
  • Being yourself in front of an audience.
  • Managing your energy



Who is this course is for?

This course is taught in the context of teaching NLP and is therefore only open to Master Practitioners of NLP. The skills learned will apply in any training or workshop context, enhancing the quality of your training, creating a connection with your audience that will inspire them and ensure your training stands out from others.

Everyone who wants to train NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Diplomas to the highest standard of quality and ethics.


Evaluation and feedback is ongoing throughout the course, and you will be offered the highest quality of coaching on every presentation to ensure your success. Certification requirements include successfully completing:

  • Your Final Presentation.
  • A Written Questionnaire demonstrating content knowledge.
  • A closed book test on a selection of content knowledge.
  • Demonstration of an NLP technique.
  • Handling Questions.
  • Conducting an Exercise.

This course is certified by the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), successful delegates will be able to run certified INLPTA courses for NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.

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How can I prepare for the course?

  • When you book we will send you a pack including a recommended reading, a list of presentation topics, a list of demonstration topics and a copy of the Written Questionnaire. These will guide you in terms of preparation of content knowledge for the course.
  • Anyone who is not an INLPTA certified Master Practitioner of NLP can receive telephone coaching beforehand to cover any differences in syllabus if they would like to.
  • It is recommended and will help your learning experience if you have reviewed or assist on a NLP Training before the course begins.
NLP Trainers Training Syllabus

There's more details in the NLP Trainers Training Course Syllabus

Download PDF

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