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NLP conference 2016

NLP News Update: International NLP Leadership Summit 2016

Jan 8-10th 2016 – over 35 leaders in NLP from around the world gathered in Alicante. Karen and John were delighted to be part of a group of truly inspiration people who are dedicated to the growth, quality and ethics of Neuro Linguistic Programming across the world. People came from as far as Chile, USA and Australia -as well as all over Europe.

delagatesHere is an update from the summit from a report put together by Michael Hall.

The aim of the summit:  To have the conversations that we need to have.  To have the difficult conversations that, as the leaders in this field, have needed to occur for decades.  Our aim is not to create a new association or a super-association.  It is much more modest: to associate with each other – get to know and understand and trust each other.  That we accomplished.

Many who said on the first day that they had often been disillusioned about NLP said that they had a new hope by the end, that they were “inspired,” “moved,” “touched,” etc.  They said that we had “moved forward,” “grown,” “had fun,” “learned,” and so on.

Yet without any expectations of results— many things have resulted from the Summit.  Heidi Heron will be sending out an email shortly detailing much of the following:

  • We corrected some of the language in the original “Manifesto” and changed that to a “Declaration”. That is already updated on the website.
  • We added another prerequisite for being a member of the NLP Leadership Summit – each person has to belong to an Association that holds them accountable to a code of ethics.
  • We began making a list of the NLP Associations represented, which we will be putting on the website.
  • We set up project groups for collecting and collating standards among the Associations.
  • We created a working process for handling conflicts and holding members accountable to the values and ethics.
  • We talked through the distinctions regarding “Profession” and “professional.”  We recognised that NLP as a field but not a Profession, it is more a meta-Profession.  And we as individuals seek to speak, act, and relate in a professional way.  There will be a white paper or report on this.

delagates 2016We set up Project Groups
 to achieve certain outcomes:

Standards Project: Collect and compare Standards from the various Associations.

Assessments: Collect best practices of assessments and tests being used in the field today.

Literature / Research.  Gather links to all of the research that has been and is being done in the field.

NLP Promo Campaign: Look into, explore, and report back on designing a Campaign for promoting NLP: case studies, Videos, famous people testimonies, etc.

Conflict Management Project: Management of conflict regarding violating a Professional code of Ethics.

Celebrating Each Other’s Development: highlighting special events, new technology, cool jokes, core interests, etc.

NLP Leadership Book:  “Powered by NLP: Reflections on the 4th NLP Leadership Summit.”  Stories of hope, inspiration, poems, pictures, how we are shaking the future of NLP

The group will be getting together again in London in April, just before the London NLP Conference and the next 3 day summit will be in January 2017.


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