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Organisations are often complex places. The challenges they create can be a drain on resources and divert energy from the objectives that matter. To get beneath the surface of what’s really going on, you sometimes need the clarity of an external view.

That’s where we can help. As organisational psychologists we are well placed to spot the cause of problems, unravel the issues and identify the solutions. We offer an independent opinion, bringing expertise to your projects and reassuring support to your HR and people teams.

We’ve helped with organisational design, change and performance management as well as research into employee and leadership issues. Our impartiality helps build trust and leads to meaningful employee feedback.

We are here to help organisations achieve great things and give leaders the time to lead. So if there’s an issue that’s holding you back - or you just want a steer on an important project, please get in touch.

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Consultancy Programmes

Based on our expertise in working with small to medium sized companies of between 60 and 2000 people, our creativity and experience leverages the best results in partnership with your people to create transformative and easily sustainable improvements.

Here are some of our most popular Consultancy programmes and the content we cover:

Redesign Your Performance Management System

Performance management is often seen as a process when it should be dynamically energising for leaders and their teams, facilitating growth and development and improving organisational output at the same time.

It's critical for an individual’s career development and, as it informs compensation and promotion decisions, is a key tool in achieving diversity, equity and inclusion in an organisation.

Given the obvious potential of such a system, it’s a shame that for many organisations it becomes a laborious process of form filling and scoring which leads to a formulaic and uninspiring one to one discussion.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.

Our Approach

In our many years of working with organisations, we have learnt that a truly empowering performance management system is one that is designed from the bottom up and tailored to the organisation’s specific requirements. However, all too often, organisations create something bland, rather than something which is transformative and saves everyone precious time, enabling them to invest their energy and resources into doing the great work you hired them to do.

Creating this kind of system is actually easier and probably less expensive than you think.

It can be delivered online or face to face and consists of a combination of group sessions and one to one coaching.

The role of today’s leader is multi dimensional and hugely complex and the focus will be on developing leaders in three keys areas:

Working with your team we can

  • Support you to strategically scope what is required from a performance management system, ensuring it is aligned with other critical systems in the organisation and your values
  • Create a phased plan that utilises peoples’ time wisely, while ensuring an effective solution
  • Help maintain momentum throughout the project
  • Conduct focus groups, interviews, discussion forums including qualitative analysis
  • Support you to create an engagement plan that is time and cost effective while involving people at all levels of the organisation
  • Design and conduct the required training and resources for managers and leaders to ensure an effective roll out
  • Work with your teams to create a strategic communication plan

Create an Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Employee wellbeing is now a hot organisational topic. The global pandemic has shone a light on an issue which has been festering in the shadows for decades. Now is the time to take the wellbeing of your employees very seriously indeed.

In our experience, most organisations do care about this topic but it feels so unwieldy and unending that it can be hard to know what to do for the best.

The result is often a fairly uninspiring collection of EAP schemes and topical initiatives which, research shows, have limited impact in creating an environment where employees can thrive.

However, integrating employee wellbeing into your organisation is not as hard as you might think.

With our research capabilities and psychological and mental health backgrounds, we can quickly assimilate complex information to provide you with a strategy that is straightforward to implement, bringing maximum benefits for your employees and the organisation.

Working with your team we can

  • Conduct multi level analysis of the organisation to inform where the problems and opportunities are by using focus groups, interviews, your own survey data, your own HR data and leadership and employee feedback
  • Create a menu of suggestions covering strategies for improvement, based on need, impact and how they interact with each other
  • In consultation with you, design a strategy for implementation and provide support and momentum throughout
  • Design and conduct the required training and resources for managers and leaders to ensure an effective roll out
  • Work with your teams to create a strategic communication plan

Don’t need us for a whole project?

We can fit right into an existing project if you have need for our specific expertise.


  • Conducting and compiling analysis from focus groups
  • Facilitating groups that require external facilitation on sensitive topics such as bullying, leadership practices, diversity & inclusion and mental health
  • Conducting a thematic or interpretive analysis of comments from employee surveys
  • Conducting final round senior level interviews to ensure leadership fit, psychological typing and provide recommendations for onboarding
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If you would like us to put together a Consultancy proposal for your organisation, please contact us.

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