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As a leader or potential leader, achieving your objectives matters - and that requires a positive response from your people. After all, change doesn’t happen by itself. However, being in a position of leadership is no guarantee of success.

Great leaders inspire, they share their passion and create purpose. It’s the engagement they create that makes it possible to push through boundaries. There’s a downside too - people look to their leaders to solve problems.

So, whether it’s leading from the front or overcoming the blocks, success comes from mastering the most important leadership skill of all - good communication. That’s communication with your team - and the rest of the organisation.

Good communication also needs to be authentic, and that comes through leaders and potential leaders having the confidence to be themselves. Real leaders influence with integrity, and that comes from within.

We’ll help you discover the true leader you really can be - so both you and your team reach your full potential.

Leadership Development Programmes

Equipping today’s highly visible leaders with the resilience, self-awareness and strategic thinking needed to develop both the organisation and its people. Combining group sessions and one to one coaching to develop leaders in areas of awareness, communication skills and more.

Here are some of our most popular Leadership Development programmes and the content we cover:

Collaborative Leadership Programme

This programme brings together leading edge organisational and psychological thinking with practical lived experience. It enables your organisation to develop well rounded, highly skilled leaders who know how to collaborate effectively, inspire teams and deliver results.


It can be delivered online or face to face and consists of a combination of group sessions and one to one coaching.

The role of today’s leader is multi dimensional and hugely complex and the focus will be on developing leaders in three keys areas:

Leadership Development Awareness


The ability to assess situations, behaviours and problems quickly and accurately, to go beyond presenting problems to get to the root of an issue and remove it in the shortest amount of time.

leadership Development Communication Skills

Communication Skills

To have the widest range of choices of communication available to them, to unpack problems, find solutions and move forward with the greatest impact in the minimum amount of time.

leadership Development Personal Development

Personal Development

To become well rounded, unflappable and resilient human beings that can take difficulties and pressure in their stride, cut through the noise and focus on what needs to be done.

This programme will enable leaders to super charge their communication skills, awareness and flexibility. This will support them to deliver with maximum effectiveness and productivity and minimum distractions and stress.

ILM recognised Organisation Monkey Puzzle Training

This programme which is endorsed by ILM, brings together leading edge organisational and psychological thinking with practical lived experience..

Collaborative Leadership Example
Download an Example Structure for Collaborative Leadership Programme.

Mastering Leadership Programme

This programme is for those who have either completed the Collaborative Leadership Programme or are very experienced leaders looking to develop their strategic thinking, achieve mastery in group work of all kinds (facilitating meetings, presenting, leading strategy discussions) and building a healthy and productive workplace.

The programme will deepen and broaden leaders’ skills and personal development by developing their critical and strategic thinking and advancing their communication and impact as a leader.

Centred around working in real situations and issues leaders are facing in their work, the group sessions on the programme will enable leaders to:

Leadership Development Encourage Diversity of Thinking

Encourage diversity of thinking

They will learn tools and models for developing critical thinking for themselves and others, further build on their own strategic skills and learn how to facilitate multi level perspectives with their teams and peers.
leadership Development Communicate Flexibly, Clearly

Communicate flexibly, clearly and congruently

Taking their communication abilities to the next level, leaders will learn how to present information to appeal to people with a breadth of style preferences and at different stages of their own development, be clear whilst still being kind and communicate with confidence in difficult discussions.
Leadership Development Support Psychological Safety

Build an environment which supports psychological safety

Learn how to foster and facilitate a safe and productive environment, develop group norms and spot the signs of an unhealthy environment developing.
Mastering Leadership Example
Download an Example Programme Structure for Mastering Leadership Programme.

Coaching on our programmes

Coaching sessions will be held throughout our leadership programmes and will focus on:

  • Enabling leaders to become highly self aware
  • Realigning blocks to their success and effectiveness
  • Learning how to deepen the material taught on the group sessions and tailor it to their environment
  • Strengthening their emotional regulation
John Mclachlan Leadership Development Coaching

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching is also available as a standalone programme. Programmes are flexible, our coaches do not stick rigidly to a particular process. They are trained in many psychological disciplines and some even have mental health training so can support people with mild forms of common problems such as anxiety, mood stability and social anxiety.

We have specialists in areas such as strategic thinking, imposter syndrome and burnout.

Karen Meager One to One Coaching Leadership Development
Example Coaching Programme
Outcome setting and career history
Exploring personal and professional values
Identifying core strengths, inner conflicts, blocks and barriers
Working through blocks and barriers, building strengths
Emotional regulation and personal alignment
Consolidation and future planning

Enneagram in Organisations Workshop

What is it?

Enneagram is one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others. Based around a set of nine distinct personality types, at its core the Enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level and can be of invaluable assistance on our path to self-knowledge.

Why use it?

To maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of an individual, a team and an organisation, it’s essential to understand how each individual will behave, the likely interaction between those individuals when working as a team and how that will affect the attainment of the team and organisational goals.

Successful leaders are well aware of their own skills, traits and preferences, the positive benefits these can bring and the limitations of them. They also understand when it is appropriate to invest time and energy in developing their own abilities and when it’s more efficient and effective to work with others who have the appropriate skills, traits and preferences.

What our Enneagram Workshop covers:

In this one day workshop people will learn about the nine Enneagram Types and how to identify their own and others types. They will also consider some key questions that are important when using personality types in organisations.

Where might you have too many people of the same type? Is there a risk of group think or lack of diversity in thinking? What is missing from the team to make it flow efficiently?

Can people work as a team or are they too focussed on their own ideas and needs? Not every team member is necessarily of equal value but their contribution needs to be equally valued for what it brings to the team’s success.

Do you have strategies in place for dealing with times when people go to stress?

The purpose of this workshop is to create an environment where each team member thrives in the healthy version of their type and as part of the workshop each person will take away key personal and professional development areas for their type.

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Want to find out more?

If you would like us to put together a Leadership Development proposal for your organisation, please contact us.

Can you train people to be leaders or are they simply born that way?

Create a better work life balance today

From a senior management point of view, we noticed the difference in how the management teams became more proactive, recognising that if something was not working they could do something about it and gaining the self-confidence to act after the training with John and Karen. The process of working with the teams as a group meant they supported each other and this support has continued on into the workplace. The cost to the charity was a gamble, as funding has been cut, but the positive results have meant the gamble has more than paid off.

Claire Hayward, CEO of Freeways

I knew I needed someone who I could trust and having worked with Monkey Puzzle previously at Thomson Reuters and other organisations, they were my immediate choice. The Monkey Puzzle team has an amazing ability to use leading edge theories and models in a totally practical way. We actually got things done as an SLT whilst focusing on our leadership development at the same time.

Colin Kennedy, CEO ICS Learn

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