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There is a powerful case to invest in employee wellbeing. When employees are happy, healthy and productive, organisations and their leaders thrive. Employee wellbeing builds stronger levels of employee engagement and performance. It should be a priority for every organisation, particularly with the levels of anxiety present in the post COVID-19 world. In reality it’s often a challenge to achieve - and we believe that’s a key leadership issue.

Employee wellbeing shouldn’t be an initiative, it works best when it’s embedded in the organisations culture. Its success stems from the behaviours of leaders and the trust they inspire. There’s no point talking up wellbeing while practicing a long hours culture. It’s not only unproductive - it’s going to crush any belief that the organisation is serious.

The key to successful and sustained employee wellbeing comes from understanding what lies beneath the issues, rather than treating the symptoms. It’s something the leadership team and senior managers have to recognise and get behind. Employees often follow their example - so that example has to be a role model conducive to wellbeing.

It takes resilient people to cope with the pressure of delivery and push through boundaries.  That’s why we’ve brought together a range of programmes to support organisations and their leaders understand wellbeing and build a healthy and more productive workplace.

Employee Wellbeing Programmes

Enabling leaders to create a healthier and more productive organisation in the post Covid world of work. Learn about issues affecting remote teams, understand the causes of burnout and work more sustainably through better management of time and energy levels.

Here are some of our most popular Employee Wellbeing programmes and the content we cover:

Working Sustainably

This one day course is for those who want to manage their own time and energy levels better and become more effective and efficient. For many, working remotely or in a hybrid model, mixing office and home working, can be particularly challenging.

Based on the bestselling book ‘Time Mastery’ by Monkey Puzzle Co-Founders Karen Meager and John Mclachlan, this course is packed with practical and easy to apply ways to master time, maintain energy and thrive - both within work and in life in general.

You will:

  • Understand how you ‘do’ time naturally and build a rhythm and flow of organising and prioritising that works for you
  • Discover how you unintentionally sabotage your own time and drain your energy
  • Learn easy and quick steps you can take to give yourself more available time
  • Learn how to keep focused and manage distractions
  • Learn how to set and keep boundaries around time and set and manage other peoples’ expectations
  • Explore your time related habits and develop a plan for becoming more efficient
  • Learn how other people naturally ‘do’ time and how to utilise that when working alongside them
  • Explore how to improve work life balance

The workshops can run as whole day or in two hour blocks, face to face or online.

Beating Burnout

Burnout is set to be the number one wellbeing topic of 2021 for organisations. With the stress and strain of working through a global pandemic, plus the mental and emotional overload of working remotely, organisations are set to see a rapid rise in people struggling with their energy levels and bounce-back ability.

Using the latest academic research and tools, this course designed by Monkey Puzzle Co-founder and burnout researcher Karen Meager, will help organisations and individuals design strategies to prevent the burnout and support people to recover.

This course can be adapted with an organisational development focus (for leaders and HR professionals) or an individual focus (for individuals).

You will learn:

  • What burnout is and how to spot the signs in yourself and others
  • Why the pandemic has exacerbated burnout rates
  • How to develop an organisational culture, structures and leadership programmes to mitigate against burnout in your organisation
  • Why leadership is critical and what skills and capabilities leadership need now
  • Learn how to set and keep boundaries around time and set and manage other peoples’ expectations
  • The individual traits and personality types that are more prone to burnout
  • What strategies are available to help individuals recover from burnout

The workshops can run as whole day or in two hour blocks, face to face or online.

Leading Teams and Projects Remotely

This one day course is for leaders and managers and is particularly focused on the challenges of working remotely or in a hybrid (part time in office) model.

Based on the bestselling book Time Mastery’ by Monkey Puzzle Co-Founders Karen Meager and John Mclachlan, this course is packed with practical and easy to apply ways to get the best from your team, help them to manage their workloads effectively and communicate masterfully in remote or hybrid workplace.

You will:

  • Learn how to build flow in your teams’ work when working remotely
  • Unpack issues of prioritising and micro managing that can happen when managing remotely and learn how to find the right balance for you and your team
  • Discover how to make the most of different modes of working (asynchronous communication, team meetings, one to ones)
  • Learn how to keep focused and manage work and non work distractions appropriately
  • Learn how to set and keep boundaries around time and set and manage other peoples’ expectations
  • Develop a plan for becoming more efficient as a leader and as a team
  • Learn how other people naturally ‘do’ time and how to utilise that when coaching and delegating
  • Learn how to support other people with their time management problems
  • Explore how to improve work life balance and energy levels for you and your teams

The workshops can run as whole day or in two hour blocks, face to face or online.

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Want to find out more?

If you would like us to put together a Employee Wellbeing proposal for your organisation, please contact us.

When our teams had to adjust, almost overnight, from a busy studio environment to remote working, we really needed help and advice. We wanted our people managers to be able to successfully manage remote teams while keeping everyone motivated (including the managers themselves!), connected, and feeling well. We also wanted to be supportive but needed to track and monitor work too. Monkey Puzzle delivered online team workshops which helped us rethink how we could adapt to the new way of working, so we could do everything we could to get the best from our people without increasing workloads. These were delivered in such a way that everyone felt comfortable to take part in discussions, share concerns, and come up with ideas together as a team. Monkey Puzzle's support has been extremely helpful, setting us up to explore improved ways of working, not just for now but also for the future.

Paulene Hamilton, Head of People and Talent. Blue Zoo Animation Studio

From a senior management point of view, we noticed the difference in how the management teams became more proactive, recognising that if something was not working they could do something about it and gaining the self-confidence to act after the training with John and Karen. The process of working with the teams as a group meant they supported each other and this support has continued on into the workplace. The cost to the charity was a gamble, as funding has been cut, but the positive results have meant the gamble has more than paid off.

Claire Hayward, CEO of Freeways

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