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There is a powerful case to invest in employee wellbeing. When employees are happy, healthy and productive, organisations and their leaders thrive. Employee wellbeing builds stronger levels of employee engagement and performance. It should be a priority for every organisation, particularly with the levels of anxiety present in the post COVID-19 world. In reality it’s often a challenge to achieve - and we believe that’s a key leadership issue.

Employee wellbeing shouldn’t be an initiative, it works best when it’s embedded in the organisations culture. Its success stems from the behaviours of leaders and the trust they inspire. There’s no point talking up wellbeing while practicing a long hours culture. It’s not only unproductive - it’s going to crush any belief that the organisation is serious.

The key to successful and sustained employee wellbeing comes from understanding what lies beneath the issues, rather than treating the symptoms. It’s something the leadership team and senior managers have to recognise and get behind. Employees often follow their example - so that example has to be a role model conducive to wellbeing.

It takes resilient people to cope with the pressure of delivery and push through boundaries.  That’s why we’ve brought together a range of programmes to support organisations and their leaders understand wellbeing and build a healthy and more productive workplace.

Leadership Development

Help your leadership team to lead by example and drive behaviour that embeds a culture of wellbeing.


A wellness focused outside perspective to identify problems that may be affecting your employees health and wellbeing.

Time Mastery

Learn the techniques that banish overwhelm, taking back control and being more healthy and productive as a result.


Experienced coaches specialising in mental health, social anxiety, depression and common wellbeing issues such as burnout.

Mind Mastery

Improve your communication and coaching skills - help others change behaviours that cause stress and affect wellbeing.

Employee Wellbeing Guide

The HR Professional’s guide to building and maintaining a healthy and successful workplace. Download it for free.

We commissioned Monkey Puzzle to undertake bespoke training for part of the team involved in our Cultural and Behavioural Change programme. They really understood the brief and importantly designed and delivered to it exactly, whilst adding inspiration and true insight. They met individual learning needs at the same time too, giving the people in the team a real boost of passion and purpose. If you're serious about organisational change then you're in the right hands with Monkey Puzzle, I'd say.

John McConnachie, Monouthshire County Council. Principle Training Manager

From a senior management point of view, we noticed the difference in how the management teams became more proactive, recognising that if something was not working they could do something about it and gaining the self-confidence to act after the training with John and Karen. The process of working with the teams as a group meant they supported each other and this support has continued on into the workplace. The cost to the charity was a gamble, as funding has been cut, but the positive results have meant the gamble has more than paid off.

Claire Hayward, CEO of Freeways

Beware the boundary violators - 3 ways to hold boundaries that save time and energy

Get off the rollercoaster of life

Free Guides to Download

Looking for help planning strategy days, setting goals or improving wellbeing in your workplace?

Employee Wellbeing Guide

Real Leaders for the Real World

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Real Leaders Book

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