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Set Goals for 2017 you will actually achieve

Have you thought about what you want to achieve this year yet? New years resolutions rarely make it past the first few weeks but real goal setting each year leads to success and achievement. There is a key to great goal setting though, just visualising what you want won’t necessarily get you it.

The keys to success in anything in life are: 

  1. Be clear about what you want
  2. Get accurate feedback so that you know where you are in relation to what you want
  3. Take action towards what you want
  4. Be flexible in your approach and
  5. Be in the right state of mind and physically to achieve that

By using these keys to success in your goal setting you can program your mind for achievement as well as making tangible, practical plans for steps towards it. Lets take an example through the keys to give you a sense of how you can use it:

Goal: I want a new job in 2016

1) Be clear about what it is you want in a job, rather than all the things you hate about your current job and want to avoid. Ask yourself ‘ What do I want instead?’. It doesn’t need to be a specific job role or company but clear about the type of company or type of role you are looking for.

2) Is this possible given the role you are currently doing? It might be an obvious next move or you might need to plan a step or two between where you are and where you want to be. Are there any skills you need to develop to make you an employers first choice for the role, like leadership skills or project management qualifications. As you move towards what you want check in with your goals every now and then to see whether you are still on track.

3) Hoping and wishing that someone will notice your immense talent won’t get you a new job. What actions do you need to take? They might be small steps like talking to people who do the role you want or people who can advise or support you. It could be updating your Linked in profile and connecting with people you know in the industry you want to work in. All actions should be on track to your goal.

4) Sometimes we hit blocks on the road to success, we’ve yet to meet a highly successful person who hasn’t had to work through some.  Be prepared to be flexible in your approach and have more than one way to achieve it. It could be getting promoted internally, finding an external opportunity or starting up on your own.

5) Have a positive and realistic attitude to getting your new job, take the feedback from setbacks but don’t let them get you down. Keep healthy in body and mind, look after yourself and use your energy in the service of your goal.

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