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Can everyone be creative?

 The words we use matter. When we speak or hear a word we make pictures and sounds in our minds, and that impacts how we feel and behave. So it’s important to be clear about what we are saying, to ourselves and others. In this series, John will explore the meaning and impact of common words we use and ask the question ‘Do we know what we’re saying?’


It’s a funny word I think, creative.  It feels open and inspiring and full of possibility and yet it can strike fear into many people and is often heard in the sentence – I am not that creative or I’m not a creative person. 

Yet we are all creative – yes even you!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a creative as:

“relating to or involving the use of imagination to create something”

That’s it!  It doesn’t involve flowery shirts, questionable colour combinations in clothing, beards, unruly hair or saying Yah! a lot.  It’s not the ability to make an award winning outfit from an old curtain and a length of rope.  It’s the ability to use your imagination and create something.

We were all kids once, admittedly a long time ago for me.  When we were kids we didn’t concern ourselves with whether we were creative or not, we just were.  All sorts of household items became dens, vehicles and spaceships.  We created adventures and stories and characters all day long and lived in our own creative worlds.  Your brain did that and it can do it again.  Think of your creativity as a muscle that needs to be exercised and built up again.

Do you need to get creative to solve a problem that is troubling you or stopping you moving forward.  Do you want a new house, a new job, to improve your finances or do something with that room in your house that isn’t quite how you want.  Whatever the opportunity or issue,  however large or small getting creative will help.

Not sure about your own creativity, then here are a few ideas to get you started on exercising that muscle:

  1. Do you have an idea of what it may look like when the problem is solved or the goal achieved?  If not, create a picture of it, talk about the things you will be saying to your self or others and connect with how you will be feeling when it is solved or achieved.
  2. What skills and resources do you have that could help you?  Write them down (and yes you have many).
  3. Is there someone you can bounce ideas off who will support and encourage you?
  4. Free up your mind. Creativity is about free expression, it is not about thinking – so stop that right now! What do you do to free your mind?  Is it going for a walk, exercise, reading a good book, having a cup of tea and a chocolate hob nob?  Whatever it is, a key way to help develop your creative muscle is to give yourself space and time and be relaxed.


Don’t leave creativity to select few, grab 2 dining room chairs, a big blanket and use the power of your own imagination to create whatever you want.


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