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How to avoid that Christmas cold

There’s a reason Christmas Eve is the most common time of year for people to fall ill. Exhausted with the pressure of organising and burning the candle at both ends, most of us roll into the festive season and our bodies take the opportunity for a break - and make us ill. Avoid that this year with a bit of thought and careful planning.

  1. Let go of being perfect. Everyone loves the John Lewis and M&S adverts, but sometimes we forget they are not reality. We loved an ASDA advert a few years back where a lady was drowning in brussel sprouts - that’s much more realistic! Use TV programmes and adverts for ideas rather than setting your expectations too high. People who don’t get on throughout the year are unlikely to get on at Christmas and some people just won’t notice the flower arrangement you spent 5 hours doing!
  2. Take time out. Christmas can be all consuming, so take time out to regroup and focus on normal things, or planning something exciting for 2019.
  3. Consider your Introvert-Extrovert preference over the festive period. We all have thresholds for socialising and being around others so take yours into account before you say ‘yes’ to all those invites or agree to hold a party. If you need downtime hours or even days make sure you take them. There’s no need to make a big deal of it and retreat to your bedroom, you can choose to do things that give you energy and a bit of time away from all the hubbub. For example, I like to cook because it gives me downtime, or take the dogs out for a walk.
  4. Think about your health. Avoid reaching January feeling like you’ve gained two stone and can never touch a drop of alcohol again by considering your health needs and planning accordingly. Think strategically about which events you go to. If you have three party nights all in a row, maybe skip the one you are least excited about and give yourself some recovery time. This is hard for people who don’t like to miss out, but they are also the people who reach Christmas Day and can’t get out of bed. Know your own thresholds and don’t let other people bully you into doing things you don’t want to. Download our free relaxation track so that you can quickly recharge in just 15 mins.

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