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How to get the most from working with a Coach

The impact of COVID-19 has presented many people with unexpected professional and personal challenges. In just a few weeks, the landscape of work and life has changed in ways that are yet to fully unravel.

While lockdown and furloughing have been an uncertain time, it’s also created the space to reflect on the lives we lead. How will we cope with the return to work pressures but also find the time to pursue possible new directions?

At times of stress, anxiety, and life’s pivotal moments, people may be considering working with a Coach. There are many benefits of an external perspective, here are our tips to get the most from that process.

So, why work with a Coach?

Working with a Coach can help plan your career, make good decisions impacting your life, challenge your thinking, and overcome obstacles that get in the way of achieving your dream. Whether it’s resolving a business or leadership challenge or something causing a career block or affecting your wellbeing - it can move you towards breakthrough and growth.

Over the years we’ve coached and mentored people from many different backgrounds and cultures, helping them find the clarity and confidence they seek. While there are certainly many positives to coaching, we don’t want to sugarcoat the process. Getting the best from working with a Coach takes work, and it’s not all down to the Coach.

Check your own motivation and goals

For coaching to bring about change, you need to have sufficient awareness of what needs changing, followed by the motivation to make those changes. Before you start the process, make sure you have explored your goals and motivation to reach them. The clearer you are at the outset, the more vivid the desired change becomes. This in turn increases the likelihood of achieving it.

Be prepared to change

In order to develop, we have to be prepared to change the way we think about things and/or our behaviour. When we attempt to resolve our own issues, it’s easy to make excuses or put things off. A Coach will challenge and hold you to account. They will pace you through the process but the success of it rests with you. That means, to get the best from coaching, you have to be prepared to do something different as a result.

Understand it’s not a quick fix

Working with a Coach requires realism. If it were a quick fix, we’d all be doing it. Coaching is incredibly powerful but it’s not always packed with light bulb moments and miraculous discoveries. While coaching can be a relatively fast moving process, if it moves too quickly, you and the Coach could end up working on the wrong issues or goals that won’t give you what you really want. Patience is needed to progress and often a one step at a time approach produces the best long term results.

Respect the process

Sometimes life happens and gets in the way of the best made plans (particularly at the moment) and you have to miss or move a session. Wherever possible though, make your coaching a priority. You are investing in yourself and that needs consistency and respect - not just for the process but for yourself. If you miss the Gym for 3 weeks you’ll find it harder to re-start and you’ll have lost the progress you made. Coaching is no different.

Select the right Coach

Coaching can lead to a major breakthrough - whether focusing on a work issue or something that leads to a change of lifestyle and direction. The potential for positive change is huge - which makes finding the right Coach all the more important. Unfortunately, standards vary and coaching is an unregulated industry. Choosing a Coach may seem daunting but the good news is that we have put all you need to know into a free download.

Our guide covers the criteria all good Coaches need to fulfil, the warning signs to look out for, how to find a good match for you and tips for coaching success.


Coaching can resolve what is holding you back, address a specific problem, and help you re-evaluate your purpose and direction in life or career. But it also requires commitment, being prepared to be challenged and readiness to change. We think the skills of a good coach will be invaluable to help re-set goals, inspire, make decisions, and adjust to life after the impact of COVID-19.

To ultimately feel happier, more confident, and more focussed, it’s worth going into the process with clear objectives, an understanding of what to expect, and the right mindset. That’s the way to see lasting results.

Get the guide

John McLaclan / Coaching

Having coached extensively, and working with our own network of experienced Coaches, we know what is required to get the best from the coaching relationship. Get our guide ‘Selecting a Coach’. You’ll discover the 'Industry Secrets' you need to know when selecting a Coach.

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