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The secret to future proofing your career is life long learning

New research conducted by PWC ( Workforce of the Future; the competing forces shaping 2030 ) found that 74% of people are ready to learn a new skill or completely retrain to keep themselves employable...

In a world where technological advances keep growing and where recent studies show that Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) could get better results, faster, in a whole range of industries formerly thought to be only able to be completed by well qualified professionals ( i.e. healthcare diagnosis or legal consultancy ), it is easy to either be in denial about future employment developments or to see them as a threat. Instead consider how you can future proof your skills by thinking ahead of the game and investing in growing your skill set as a human being, not just as a working role.

86% of respondents of the PWC study believed that human skills will always be in demand and it’s easy to see why. Roles with traits that require a complex balance of emotion and thinking can’t be replicated by even the most sophisticated robots yet, and even the experts argue that this may never be the case ( or even desirable ). Leadership, emotional intelligence, sophisticated communication skills, the ability to teach and mentor and passion for your work will always be sought after.

Most people are not naturally gifted in this area, the most accomplished people have usually had extensive high quality training or coaching to develop these abilities. Is it time to think about what you need to develop to future proof your own career - or even find a career you want to future proof?

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Find out more about the variety of ways you can develop life long skill in this short video. [ view directly on You Tube ]

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