Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery

Build your communication, coaching and personal skills, and influence behaviour for positive impact.

Effective communication leads to better relationships with the people we live and work with. It improves confidence and work performance but it’s also a big contributor to a less stressful and more fulfilling life - both inside and outside of the workplace.

People might work in the same place, even perform similar roles - and yet see things quite differently. Mind Mastery skills enable us to notice these differences - in ourselves and others, and communicate far more effectively as a result. Problems are resolved faster, with less potential for stress and conflict.

So how do you achieve Mind Mastery? It’s when your personal growth and development integrates with the building of your communication and coaching skills. You could be a leader or a manager in a role where you want to help others change behaviours and work to achieve outcomes. You may also recognise the potential for these skills to help you make better choices for yourself.

People sometimes need an additional perspective to achieve their goals. Mind Mastery embeds the practical skills and techniques that you can use immediately with others to help build confidence, performance and ultimately, better results.

1½ hour Lunch and Learn or Breakfast Sessions on:

  • Goal setting
  • Keep calm and carry on
  • Improve your communication

One Day Events

  • Building better business relationships
  • Communicating with impact
  • Essential coaching skills
  • Building emotional resilience

Bespoke Mind Mastery Programmes

  • One to one coaching packages
  • Mind Mastery Foundation Programme
    (4 days)
  • Mind Mastery Practitioner Programme
    (10 days)

To discuss which option is right for you contact us.

It’s not knowledge or qualifications that determines your career success - It’s YOU

Get off the rollercoaster of life


From a senior management point of view, we noticed the difference in how the management teams became more proactive, recognising that if something was not working they could do something about it and gaining the self-confidence to act after the training with John and Karen. The process of working with the teams as a group meant they supported each other and this support has continued on into the workplace. The cost to the charity was a gamble, as funding has been cut, but the positive results have meant the gamble has more than paid off.Claire Hayward, CEO of Freeways.
I asked Monkey Puzzle to deliver the NLP Practitioner Certification in my organisation in 2015 to support my team in delivering a continuous improvement programme which involved lots of stakeholder management, negotiations and cultural change management. We were very skilled at the process and technical aspects and wanted to get equally skilled at the people side of things. It was fantastic, enlightening and truly experiential. The learnings are totally applicable to all aspects of both work and personal life. This culminates in a real ability to understand both yourself and the behaviours of those you interact with. Karen and John have an amazing wealth of applicable knowledge and their delivery style is engaging and conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Karen and John are excellent coaches with a fantastic ability to be both nurturing and stretching. A huge thank you.Kevin Rendle. Head of Operational Excellence at Aldermore Bank.


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