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Build your communication, coaching and personal skills,
and influence behaviour for positive impact.

Effective communication leads to better relationships with the people we live and work with. It improves confidence and work performance but it’s also a big contributor to a less stressful and more fulfilling life - both inside and outside of the workplace.

People might work in the same place, even perform similar roles - and yet see things quite differently. Mind Mastery skills enable us to notice these differences - in ourselves and others, and communicate far more effectively as a result. Problems are resolved faster, with less potential for stress and conflict.

So how do you achieve Mind Mastery? It’s when your personal growth and development integrates with the building of your communication and coaching skills. You could be a leader or a manager in a role where you want to help others change behaviours and work to achieve outcomes. You may also recognise the potential for these skills to help you make better choices for yourself.

People sometimes need an additional perspective to achieve their goals. Mind Mastery embeds the practical skills and techniques that you can use immediately with others to help build confidence, performance and ultimately, better results.

Mind Mastery Programmes

Our Mind Mastery programmes are as much about personal development as they are about improving aspects of work life. Develop coaching and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) skills, improve communication and see the benefits in personal and business relationships.

Here are some of our most popular Mind Mastery programmes and the content we cover:

Coaching with Confidence

The course will enable you to:

  • Learn to use NLP and other psychological interventions in coaching others
  • Learn the key concepts and psychology behind NLP and other coaching approaches
  • Have an opportunity to practice a range of exciting and powerful techniques

In this programme you will:

  • Understand the impact of language and use it for positive impact for themselves and others
  • Understand their communication preferences and develop flexibility in communicating with others
  • Learn how to manage stress and have choice over their emotional responses
  • Build successful personal and business relationships
  • Access useful inner resources like confidence and energy whenever they need them
  • Be in the most helpful state of mind for the job or task they are trying to do
  • Learn how to become more objective and get perspective on problems and emotional responses
  • Understand in depth the concept of values and how to work with them to empower themselves and others
  • Learn the key principles successful people live by
Mind Mastery Training Session

This programme is for:

  • Managers, leaders, and project managers who want to integrate coaching into their style and approach
  • HR professionals who want to add coaching skills and techniques to their toolkit
  • People whose role involves supporting and developing others indirectly, for example, those working in flat or hybrid structures or in dotted line management structures

INLPTA certified NLP Diploma and ILM Level endorsement.

The Coaching with Confidence Programme integrates your personal growth and development with the building of your coaching skills. Coaching is now a widely recognised leadership and management skill, so you do not need to be in a formal coaching role to get the most out of this programme.

This is a practical course. You will leave with skills and techniques you can use immediately in your personal and work life. It will help you improve your communication, your impact with others and achieve your work and life goals.

ILM recognised Organisation Monkey Puzzle Training

Our Mind Mastery programmes are both endorsed by ILM and are as much about personal development as they are about improving aspects of work life.

Coaching With Confidence Programme Example
Download an example programme structure for Coaching with Confidence.

Coaching Mastery

The course will enable you to:

  • Develop coaching skills to use formally and informally
  • Work on your own professional & leadership development
  • Create the successful career you deserve
  • Speak up and get listened to
  • Enjoy fulfilling and enriching relationships with others

You will learn:

  • Over 20 different interventions for state management, improving critical thinking, goal setting and changing behaviours
  • How to adapt these interventions to reflect individual and group styles, formal and informal settings
  • Advanced linguistics and conversational change techniques
  • How to model excellence at both a skill and psychological level (values, beliefs, thinking patterns and attitudes) and teach it to others
  • How to help people change unhelpful beliefs they have that are holding them back
  • To generate change for others at a conscious and unconscious level for better skill development and longer lasting impact
  • How to design and deliver coaching stories and metaphors and their power in a coaching situation
  • How to understand and unpack the problems coaches are presented with effectively and identifying the and focus on the key elements that need to be addressed for effective change
  • How to apply ethics and integrity appropriately in their coaching
  • To develop a systemic coaching approach
Mind Mastery Karen Meager

This programme is for:

  • Managers and Leaders who want to gain a professional coaching qualification whilst working on their own growth and development
  • Anyone for whom coaching and developing others is an essential part of their role
  • Participants must have completed the Coaching with Confidence Programme to take this course

INLPTA certified NLP Practitioner and ILM Level endorsement.

The Coaching Mastery Programme integrates your personal growth and development with building your coaching skills.

This programme is internationally recognised and includes an INLPTA certification as an NLP Practitioner. You will leave with practical skills and techniques that you can use immediately with others to generate change, communicate effectively and accelerate your own personal growth.

ILM recognised Organisation Monkey Puzzle Training

Our Mind Mastery programmes are both endorsed by ILM and are as much about personal development as they are about improving aspects of work life.

Coaching Mastery Programme Example
Download an example programme structure for Coaching Mastery.

One to One Coaching

One to one coaching is also available as a standalone programme. Programmes are flexible, our coaches do not stick rigidly to a particular process. They are trained in many psychological disciplines and some even have mental health training so can support people with mild forms of common problems such as anxiety, mood stability and social anxiety.

We have specialists in areas such as strategic thinking, imposter syndrome and burnout.

Karen Meager One to One Coaching Leadership Development
Example Coaching Programme
Outcome setting and career history
Exploring personal and professional values
Identifying core strengths, inner conflicts, blocks and barriers
Working through blocks and barriers, building strengths
Emotional regulation and personal alignment
Consolidation and future planning
Monkey Puzzle Mind Mastery Logo

Want to find out more?

If you would like us to put together a Mind Mastery proposal for your organisation, please contact us.

It’s not knowledge or qualifications that determines your career success - It’s YOU

Get off the rollercoaster of life

When our teams had to adjust, almost overnight, from a busy studio environment to remote working, we really needed help and advice. We wanted our people managers to be able to successfully manage remote teams while keeping everyone motivated (including the managers themselves!), connected, and feeling well. We also wanted to be supportive but needed to track and monitor work too. Monkey Puzzle delivered online team workshops which helped us rethink how we could adapt to the new way of working, so we could do everything we could to get the best from our people without increasing workloads. These were delivered in such a way that everyone felt comfortable to take part in discussions, share concerns, and come up with ideas together as a team. Monkey Puzzle's support has been extremely helpful, setting us up to explore improved ways of working, not just for now but also for the future.

Paulene Hamilton, Head of People and Talent. Blue Zoo Animation Studio

I asked Monkey Puzzle to deliver the NLP Practitioner Certification in my organisation in 2015 to support my team in delivering a continuous improvement programme which involved lots of stakeholder management, negotiations and cultural change management. We were very skilled at the process and technical aspects and wanted to get equally skilled at the people side of things. It was fantastic, enlightening and truly experiential. The learnings are totally applicable to all aspects of both work and personal life. This culminates in a real ability to understand both yourself and the behaviours of those you interact with. Karen and John have an amazing wealth of applicable knowledge and their delivery style is engaging and conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Karen and John are excellent coaches with a fantastic ability to be both nurturing and stretching. A huge thank you.

Kevin Rendle, Head of Operational Excellence at Aldermore Bank

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