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Burnout Inventory Results & Helpful Advice

Thank you for completing the Maslach-Burnout Inventory (MBI). We hope the questions helped you focus on the issues that could be contributing to burnout.

How to interpret your scores

Burnout involves three main components; emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and lack of achievement. In each section your scores will indicate the level of burnout you are experiencing ranging from Low-level burnout, moderate burnout or high-level burnout.

You can compare your scores in each section below and find advice to help you manage your level of burnout.

Woman and Bored of Zoom Video Calls - Free Webinars Burnout
Woman and Bored of Zoom Video Calls - Free Webinars Burnout
Section A

Emotional Exhaustion

Total 17 or less:
Low-level burnout
Total between 18 and 29 inclusive:
Moderate burnout
Total over 30:
High-level burnout

Emotional exhaustion is perhaps easiest to spot, you increasingly become tired more quickly and unable to bounce back in the way you normally would. Time off work and weekends no longer help you to feel refreshed.

To resolve
Emotional Exhaustion:

1. Ruthlessly prioritise

2. Practice general good self care; meditate, exercise (gently), eat well, get outside in nature, get sleep - but go easy on yourself and avoid becoming compulsive about your self care routines

Woman and Bored of Zoom Video Calls - Free Webinars Burnout
Section B


Total 5 or less:
Low-level burnout
Total between 6 and 11 inclusive:
Moderate burnout
Total of 12 and greater:
High-level burnout

Depersonalisation happens when, as a result of burnout, you detach from the relational aspect of your work because is it too draining. This often happens unconsciously and you may find it manifests itself in you becoming increasingly cynical, distant and unable to deal with the ‘people’ aspect of your work.

To resolve

1.  Talk to people who can understand and avoid those who drain your energy

2.  If other people are too much - write in a journal

Woman and Bored of Zoom Video Calls - Free Webinars Burnout
Section C

Lack of Personal Achievement

Total 33 or less:
High-level burnout
Total between 34 and 39 inclusive:
Moderate burnout
Total greater than 40:
Low-level burnout

Experiencing a lack of achievement may be real or imagined, but you often no longer get satisfaction from achieving things in your role. This may cause you to become despondent or question whether the role is for you.

To resolve
Lack of Personal Achievement:

1.  ‘Be bothered’ on the things that really matter

2.  Know your triggers to entering into compulsive work

If you feel just fine right now or if your Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) scores indicate low-level burnout, it is a good idea to invest in some strategies that help prevent the build up of burnout. These are different for everyone but here are some general principles which are known to help:

Broaden your horizons beyond work, talk to people who can understand and avoid those who drain your energy

Invest in quality relationships, have people around you that you can confide in, that are non judgement and supportive

Listen to your body, by understanding your body better you can often pick up on the early signs of exhaustion. Yoga, meditation and therapy are commonly prescribed for people who have burned out as recovery strategies, but if these activities are not for you finding other ways to check in with yourself are just as good.

Further help with burnout Image

Further help with burnout

Different people react to stress and burnout differently. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your results or this topic in more detail.

You can also consult your medical doctor, counsellor or mental health professional if you feel that you need additional help regarding stress management or dealing with burnout.

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