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3 essential career skills that transcend qualifications

When you’ve worked hard for your professional qualifications, you’d like to think they provide you with guaranteed future career success. They are the foundation, but not the whole picture...

Studies have shown that employers look for far more than just a good degree in a relevant subject when they employ and promote people. This short video has more information on the studies.

When building up your skills for a successful career, here are the most useful additions:

Communication Skills

In particular the ability to handle conflict and negotiate well, these are critical life skills that enable you to build bridges and move problems forward in any organisational context. Other important communication skills include empathy and the ability to understand others. Most professionals have to present information at some time, either formally or informally. It’s important to be able to present, as yourself and deliver messages to groups in an engaging and informative way.

Listen to our free webinar on Communicating with Groups.

Tech skills

Nowadays every business is really a tech business. It’s critical that professionals in any discipline can utilise ( to at least a basic level of competence ) the technology their organisation uses to communicate remotely and collaborate.

Critical thinking and problem solving skills

As the world of business gets more complex, successful people need to constantly work on their critical thinking abilities and how they work through problems. It’s no longer ok to follow a question and advice-giving type of model. Find out more in our blog on critical thinking or Listen our free webinar on Problem Solving with NLP.

If you can build these skills into your portfolio on top of your professional expertise, your prospects for life, as well as your career, begin to skyrocket. There’s no point in being an expert in your field if you can’t communicate it to others. There will always be problems that need solving and whether we like it or not technology is here to stay and embracing it appropriately ( without letting it control you ) can improve your effectiveness and productivity, leaving you free to focus on the things that are most important to you.

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