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Do you need to upgrade your negotiation skills?

Negotiating is something we do on a daily basis - even if it’s who is stacking the dishwasher. It is a skill a lot of people find difficult and often intimidating though, particularly in the workplace where the stakes can be high. Improve your negotiating skills with these easy to implement strategies modelled from successful negotiators:

Prepare to negotiate

Once people are emotionally regulated, can think clearly and understand themselves well, they find that they can achieve much more than they thought possible. This doesn’t mean big light bulb moments, but solid incremental steps forward. Human beings are complex creatures, but our brains like simplicity so we often ending not making sense of life and other people in a very helpful way. The good news is that getting enough knowledge about this to make a difference in your life no longer required a psychology degree. Unless you want to work with other people clinically, a series of coaching or a self improvement course like an NLP Practitioner will probably give you all you need.

Over the years we’ve been teaching NLP we’ve worked with some master negotiators and they have a secret. Whilst they may come across as spontaneous and quick thinking, they’ve actually done a lot of preparation and research before they go into a negotiation. Therefore they know the facts, the data and the key arguments before the discussion has even begun.

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Buy yourself time

Don’t let yourself get ambushed in negotiations, this will lead you potentially agreeing to something you later resent of regret. There is always a way of buying yourself some time by doing one of the following:

  • Making an excuse to take break that’s unrelated to the situation (get a coffee, go to the loo for example).
  • Explain that the discussion has been really helpful and that you’re going to take some time to consider it properly, give them a timescale by which you will go back to them.
  • Explain that this is important and it’s made you think of someone you’d like to discuss it with, again give them a timescale by which you’ll go back to them.

All these approaches respect all parties without you looking weak.Be careful not to over explain even if pressured, you are perfectly within your rights to take time to consider things properly.

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