Future Proof your Career

Successful people think long term about their career and plan accordingly. This is not being stuck in a restrictive path there is no going back from, but to have a strategy for progression and a general direction to aim for. Sadly most people spend more time planning a birthday party than planning their life!

As you evaluate your career and decide where to go next ask yourself these helpful questions...

Future Proof Your CareerWhat do I do in work that drains my energy and what gives me energy? Plan to decrease draining activities and increase energy giving activities. Generally people can be healthy and work well providing their roles is no more than 30% of draining activities.

What is important to me about what I do for work? Think about it generally rather than specifically as this will help you consciously sort future career choices. For example if ‘people’ are on the list then roles working alone should be avoided, if 'making a difference' is important you should sort for career paths that allow you to do this.

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Do you project what you intend to in the workplace? It’s important to remember that the person who selects you for that amazing role in 5 years time, may be in a meeting you’re sitting in today - you never know. Think about the following factors in making the right impression all the time, enabling you to be selected for fitting roles rather than having to fight for them.

Do you behave your values? If timing is important to you, be on time. If people are important to you, give them time and show them care. If goals are important to you focus your time and discussion on that topic. Other people judge you by what you do, not just what you say, so make sure that you focus your time and attention on things you want to be judged by. Then people will understand you as congruent, you will display authenticity and are more likely to be selected for the right positions. Some people try to be all things to all people and this never works in the long term, instead decide what you stand for and go for it.

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Karen Meager

Founder of Monkey Puzzle and an INLPTA NLP Master Trainer, Karen is also a UKCP registered Psychotherapist and author of the award winning book Real Leaders for the Real World. Her new book Time Mastery; Banish Time Management Forever is out now.

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