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Five things to do on a flight to improve your thinking

The holidays are coming. A lot of travelling, particularly on flights is often seen a ‘dead’ time to pass and endure on your way to that well deserved R&R in the sun, instead why not use it to improve your mind and even your life…

1. Work on your goals

Most people do their annual goals in January, doing them in the summer though is often more productive and you stand a better chance of getting them. This is because you are in a better frame of mind and are about to ‘switch off’ from the world of work, which gives you unconscious mind lots of opportunity to work on them in the background whilst you are enjoying yourself. Download our Goal Setting that Works guide to take with you.

2. Practise meditation and hypnosis Being stationary for hours on end gives you the ideal opportunity to practise that meditation you never quite get round to. It’s easy on a flight too because having your eyes closed whilst sitting is quite a normal occurrence! It will help you relax, improve your mind and even help you sleep. Here are John’s simple ways to practise you can use on any journey - unless you are driving of course.

3. Program your mind for success It’s a perfect time to set your mind up for success using hypnosis designed for specific issues. When you are off on holiday you are unlikely to be going back into your normal routine, which is usually part of the problem, so a course of hypnosis on the plane, followed by a week or two of non routine gives your mind time to assimilate the changes, giving them a greater chance of long term success. You can download hypnosis tracks for all kinds of problems from iTunes. We also have a tracks for confidence, overcoming self doubt, overcoming procrastination, worry and anxiety and making things happen here, including a free relaxation track you can download straight away.

4. Make a plan Yes you are off on holidays, but why not make a plan for a project you want to complete when you get back. Brainstorm all the actions and organise them with dates and responsibilities, then put it away for the holidays and let you mind work on it without you having to think about it. If you get any ideas or thoughts on it while you’re away, just jot them down to organise later.

5. Ask yourself an important question Lightbulb moments and brainwaves often happen out of the blue and when we are most relaxed and not thinking about it. Formulate a helpful question (or questions) to ask yourself 5 times whilst on the flight and then forget about it, sit back and wait for inspiration to arrive. These should be What or How questions, not Why which will lead you to analysis rather than steps forward.

Questions could include:

What is my next career move?

What will the title of my new book be?

How will I achieve XYZ?


Let us know how you get on and Happy Holidays?

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