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Ten signs that you are ready for personal development

We are often asked how we know when someone is ready for personal development. Of course, people can develop at any point in their lives, but people often want to know how they can be sure it will be worth it and if they’ll get the most out of it.

Likewise, for organisations offering coaching and development to their staff, how will the organisation know that they will gain the most from people undergoing this work?

It is not an exact science. However, over our years of experience these are ten signs that someone is ready to make real progress in their personal growth. If you can identify with 8 of these 10 then there is a good chance you are ready.

Are you ready for personal development?

These ten signs will help you decide:

  1. You are experiencing a sense of unease, and have found that attempts to fix that externally (with new stuff, holidays, new job, new partner etc) haven’t solved it
  2. You are a curious person by nature
  3. You love to learn
  4. You value human relationships and would like to understand them more deeply
  5. You are not someone who just puts up with things when they are not working, you want as many choices for solutions as possible
  6. You want to make your world bigger not smaller
  7. You care about making a difference in the world and want to be in the best place to achieve that
  8. You have (or appreciate that you need to develop) respect for who you are
  9. You are committed to your own self improvement
  10. You want to be the best person you can be

Many people dance around their own personal development for many years, reading books and being curious until they are ready to get stuck in. This is completely normal as it’s really important that you are ready before investing lots of time, money and energy.

Which forms of self development are the best?

Well that really depends on you and sometimes you need to try many things before committing to something. In general though we would suggest picking something that covers each of these four areas:

  • Physical - diet, exercise, yoga, physical hobbies
  • Mental - intellectual learning, mental stimulation, professional development
  • Emotional - coaching, therapy, meditation
  • Spiritual - religion, spirituality, connection with nature or outside world. This can take many forms

In conclusion

Although the signs you are ready for personal development are many and varied, they are based on a growing feeling of positivity and seeking resolution. For many it can be a liberating and life changing process where people find that they can achieve much more than they thought possible. However, like any process of change, the results will not be instant and will take focus and perseverance. Whatever your route, keep going, it will be worth it.

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